Are You Ready…

Author, Trish BishopThe premise is simple, but not easy.

You feel a deep level of discontent and unhappiness.

You’ve been searching, almost desperately, for answers that continue to be elusive. You hear these answers, they may even resonate with you, and yet, it still doesn’t seem to quench that deep ache to have

some kind of validation that keeps slipping through your fingers. So you move onto the next book, seminar, coach, psychic or other guru.

The good books, teachers and gurus will tell you the truth, which means they won’t be spending much time with you. Because the truth is that they don’t have your answers…only YOU do.

Ok. What now?

Well, that’s where the simple, but not easy, comes in. First, you have to quiet the chaos long enough to start asking yourself the questions.

Which questions you ask? The ones you keep avoiding. The very ones that, when they come into your awareness, you shut down brutally because you know what they mean…CHANGE! The kind of changes you know deep in your heart you should be making, but are avoiding due to the anticipated pain, due to the expectations of others, due to your own fear of the unknown, “If I made that change, what would my life look like?”

There is only one question you need to ask to determine whether or not you are ready for The Question JourneyTM:


Yes, I mean ‘desperately’. The Question JourneyTM is NOT for everyone. It’s a tool, a gift, an opportunity discover YOU. However, as with any tool, in order to be effective, this tool requires a power source or energy – the stronger the source of power, the more effective the tool. In this case, the power source is you and the level of energy is determined by the how much you really, truly and authentically want the answers you seek.

A message from Trish on living your life as who and what you REALLY ARE!

Trish Bishop from The Question Journey Answers … by  


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